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Person standing arms outstretched at sunrise on end of dock
Four people in seated meditation

Posture - Breath - Awareness

Two of those seated in meditation in the picture to the left have poor meditation posture. Little things can make a big difference. Very simple basic positioning is a core component of meditation, while there are many forms, they all incorporate certain fundamental common practices.

Seated meditation viewed from behind

When - Where - How long?

Meditation is not a doing. Settled meditation is an art and long form meditation has great rewards (an hour or more in a sitting).

Drop of water on a leaf

Finding footing through the maze...

The Pillars of Practice are all the Big simple things!


Like water that shapes rock, a good foundation will move mountains.

We are dedicated to helping you in your Practice and journey in Spiritual Awakening.

About Us

 A "monk" in the sense used here is anyone for whom the Way is their life's focus, while at times it may seem otherwise, the person is wholly dedicated to the intentional suffering of self-examination and a movement away from all grasping.

This site is dedicated to those on The Way

In the great spiritual traditions of Practice and Cultivation as related by a Living Master.

We are now a California non-profit 501c3 #5556488 and hope to bring you more recordings and videos of the emerging teachings.

All donations are welcome and will be going toward these endeavors.

Thank you for visiting us!

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