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The Well

Tools and Practices for Self-Remembering,

Breaking the Trance of Samsara,

Awakening and Enlightenment.

Please share what has worked for you.


There is a bundle of tension within our localized space.


It is the positions we have in our beliefs, politics, the traumas that have affected us, those things we take pride in, groups we identify with and those we resist, and in the background of it all, the proclivities of our DNA.


These create the inertia’s that are constantly in action, and that mesmerize us. Each person has a sound, it is the totality of one's inertias that creates the individuated sound / frequency bandwidth.

This is karma.


These inertias are much like tuning forks, they respond to like vibration. We are at their whim.


Each of these hold us, whether to activity or shutting down, anchoring ourselves.


This is grasping.

Recall when you have been on a retreat, a vacation or simply a glorious day:


Remember as this came to and end and the feelings first faded, a time when you tried to retrieve them, tried to pull back the feeling, the high vibration, the Being-ness in The Moment that you experienced.


Meditation is a practice of Noiselessness.


It is a retreat, a vacation, a glorious Being-ness in The Moment.


And just as in a retreat, or on a vacation or in simply enjoying a glorious day, it does not imply that one is not human, that you have left your body or that you are dis-associated from embodiment. You are breathing into your embodiment in Being. At times it will be

uncomfortable, at times you will lose yourself, and at times you will wonder where you went.


You have intentionally set aside your noise.


You are investing in Being-ness in The Moment and your body is the retreat space, the vacation, the glorious Oneness of Being.

 Often, when we are going through hardships, we tend to make ourselves energetically larger. This also happens in competitive circumstances and in settings where we feel unsure. It is also something that frequently happens when we are tired, sick or not feeling quite ourselves.


We enlarge our energetic space in order to “feel bigger” and more real.


A typical localized aura in a healthy person extends for the most part about 2 feet out from their skin.


As one feels oneself fading a bit, it is common to try to turn ourselves up a bit, with coffee, or tea or our adrenals or sugar or by extending our aura out a few more feet.


As we do this, it is generally a situation of diminishing returns. But, if your only objective is to make it home or stay awake for a fairly short time, then this presents no problem.


Sometimes, people expand their aura way out to 10, 15, 20 feet. They feel “spacy”, which they are (or they may feel drained, super tired, depleted).


For the most part, having your presence in the middle of your head and your localized energetic body no more than around 2 feet from your skin outward, will help you to be your most normal energetic self.


Having your presence in the center of your head or anywhere in the Central Axis, will help you to not identify with illness or depletion, but simply to experience it (that is not to say it will suddenly become pleasant or that you are trying to disassociate with either state).


Breathe into your entire space. From the center of your head, breath into your abdomen, and your localized space around you. Feel yourself in that space in no effort, breath life into it, enjoy it, embody it.


Feel it all around you, above your head, behind you, around your legs and arms, under your feet.


As you breathe in, fill yourself with vitality.


And perhaps, splash some cold water on your face :)

Updated: Jan 28

We look though our lenses and try to reshape what we see from the colourations that we are habituated too.

Constantly and willfully banging square pegs into round holes.

As water on rock, carving our soul.

Ceaseless karmic waves.

Samsara is nothing more than friction in a straw tube.

Ten thousand Chinese finger prisons.

Our inertia's, habituations.

One moment that which we call "I" ceases to pull.

And we Awaken.

Copyright David Doyle 1/2023

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