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The Well

Tools and Practices for Self-Remembering,

Breaking the Trance of Samsara,

Awakening and Enlightenment.

Please share what has worked for you.


Updated: Jan 28

We look though our lenses and try to reshape what we see from the colourations that we are habituated too.

Constantly and willfully banging square pegs into round holes.

As water on rock, carving our soul.

Ceaseless karmic waves.

Samsara is nothing more than friction in a straw tube.

Ten thousand Chinese finger prisons.

Our inertia's, habituations.

One moment that which we call "I" ceases to pull.

And we Awaken.

Copyright David Doyle 1/2023

The idea of the Center of the Head and of having your Presence there is a simple concept. Yet it is not as simple as one might assume.

On the Digital Downloads page, you can listen to a full sitting practice that will clarify the location of the center of your head. The actual sitting practice (part 2) is approximately 27 minutes.

This practice does not need to be repeated, but doing it at least once will forever clarify the inner geography of your head in ways you (in all probability) have not experienced before, even if you have been meditation for many decades.


Copyright David Doyle 1/2024

You are frequently Awake


Think of a time when you were suddenly confronted with great beauty or exquisite music, something stunning.


Perhaps something like the following has happened to you:


You are inside your living space making breakfast and getting ready to go to work, oblivious to what is going on outside.


You gather up yourself and head out the door and suddenly you are confronted with a gorgeous day, with the dew still glistening on the grass, shrubs and trees. Steam is rising from areas where the sun is radiant. The smell of freshness and the ions in the air, all of this just stops you in your tracks.


For a moment, you are simply Present, in the NOW, you are no longer in the momentum of going anywhere. Your head space is not thinking of work, of the traffic, what time it is, projects you need to address.  You are suddenly Present and taking-in the moment.


This is a Waking State


You are not in the trance of inertias that have you in futures and pasts.


You are not in time and space.


Copyright David Doyle 1/2024


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