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Tools and Practices for Self-Remembering,

Breaking the Trance of Samsara,

Awakening and Enlightenment.

Please share what has worked for you.


Updated: Jan 28


Try viewing karma in a different light:

It is not something that is accumulated - you are wearing it - living it - it is the light imbued in your gross physical, gross subtle, and subtle bodies - it is the horizon of your prison walls - unseen - the lens you see through in all things.

You are supplying it - it is what you consume and willfully hold.

What you consume is what you attract - it is the tuning fork sound you emit - the tempering of your bodies held in your attachments creates the resonance of you - the frequencies you hold yourself in - this is karma - the finger prison of your resistances and polarities:

When it is said that what you do in this life will result in what you get in the next is not the result of reward or punishment - but it seems that way and has been mis-interpreted that way for so long that it has become the dogma and superstition of the myth.

The frequencies you have held, grasped and are tempered too, will determine / attract all means to continue to work upon you the lessons of those frequencies.

In Practice, you take it upon yourself to endeavor into Intentional Suffering - vs the heated "random" and endless "suffering" of ignorant "bliss".

The ignorant life flip-flops from rich to poor or from jealousy to being full of oneself, from the elite to the deprived - but never from reward or punishment - all was from trance indulgence and resistance - a life and lives endlessly asleep baking in the light yet covered in illusion of consumed and grasped frequencies - your choice of a thousand radio stations blaring through you.

Intentional sufferinging is an attempt to change the channels and dial into something better - nearer the light that you know but cannot manage to be. But changing the channels is folly - one comes to see this after a time - the folly in the concept that the Buddha finally "finds THE answer" - the perfect channel or the perfect arrangement of channels.

Otherness, eventually goes out the window but the road to this can take some time.

"THE ANSWER" is immediately in past time - "it" does not exist - it is ever only an aha! Grasp.

The release from Karma is release from grasped frequency. One has previously been in Belief or Dis-Belief - but one can Be in Presence/Self, and neither Believe nor Dis-Believe and in this Be unencumbered in any frequency.

All Belief and Dis-Belief is held in the past and future - it is the cause of all suffering - the very fear of Karma is a belief - Karma is your illusion - Now. It is the multiple "I"s you believe yourself to be - the otherness you think you are.

Karma is the sum of "your common dialed-in "radio channels" that constitute your illusion - your Noise Body.

It is in each fixed (grasped) frequency that you deaden the light that abounds within and without.

These frequencies are habituated - some are ebbing and will fall away soon, some are only now gaining momentum - some are as stubborn stains - they permeate the subtle fabrics of our bodies. And yet - the Unborn is Spotless and Untainted, the Divine Essence, the Light which is All and Everything: The SELF is simply obscured in the trance of the habituations of Karma - Karma is the trance of our habituations.

If a critical mass is reached in which our grasping falls away - one Awakens - and Karma is no more.

Copyright David Doyle 4/2023

Updated: Jan 28


Dark Night of the Soul

An agonizing and liberating experience when one has come to the absolute limit of wilfulness with regard to a situation or situations. When no part of the tools one has used in the past is applicable. It is where the bag of tricks are at a dead end and one is confronted with non-doing.

One is presented with a debasing of all positions, past views and exercised contrivances.

A feeling of *nowhere to go* at a depth that depletes all grasping to mere folly but without complete release from the trappings of axiety about ones perceived predicament - though even the perception of that predicament is in question.

A poisition from which one does not seek help from others for answers - where *answers* are not sought.

A state where from one comes to put one foot in front of another and one walks in grace with wilfulness suspended - one step at a time in the present as a child.


Is it possible to become Enlightened or Awakened without going through Dark Night of the Soul?


Absolutely - and Dark Night of the Soul (DNS) can also be problematic:

In time what you went through can become your story - it can bring you close to Awakening and has so many elements of Awakening, but it does not generally come with the clean release of grasping but rather a sort of fenced-in no-out aspect - a bit like being surrounded by a bunch of police telling you to drop everything and put up your hands - their are no good options - not even to speak - zip/nada - put your hands up and drop everything - get on your knees, then lie face down.

And like the above example - you are not really asked to give up your personhood - that group of “I’s” you consider YOU - but your personhood is temporarily stopped in its tracks and you do not have willfulness as an option - in other words you cant talk the police out of the order - suicide (being shot) or dead compliance are the options.

In the case of the Dark Night of the Soul - you are surrounded by complete futility - the options are the same.

And for a time - you are in the present - with a haunting bleak tiredness.

You do not even resort to planning - futures are of no interest - your previous story seems like fantasy in ashes. You may turn to drink - you may turn to religion - you may sleep endlessly and not answer the phone and contemplate suicide - you may work and do what you must, while carrying yourself as a walking-leadened-dead-weight with each step asking why? But with no interest even in asking or entertaining the question - no interest in sorting it out - there is nothing to sort out.

AND then we come to the crux in the road.

We begin to walk upright - like the first few days outside after a really bad bout of the flu - we are in a delicate physical state and in this case a very delicate overall state. We are planning nothing - we put one foot in front of the other and if need be we just stand and breath and perhaps then sit down or lie down, fine with having had even a moment with some semblance of a part of us being slightly above water.

This goes on for a time and then the crux - outside expectation comes to us and inside impulses of expectation begin to arise - but we are also experiencing SELF - we are IN SELF and their is something familiar and wonderful about it - an awareness of breath and Being that we are not Doing, but that we ARE - a part long covered over and sidetracked in those very noises of futures and pasts and hardened dead positions that we have just put under our feet.


The sirens start calling ever so faintly - you need to get back on the horse - put your hands back on the reins - you can’t sit on the fence - living in a van down by the river is not a nice option.

At this point, most simply begin to pick up pieces and familiar habituations begin to re-emerge. Some things may be off limits entirely for awhile and others not so much - it is a slow “recovery”. It is slow for many easily imagined reasons but particularly because whole pieces of the former life are of no interest and are no longer of value.

Futures and Pasts both have taken a considerable jump back in terms of planning or prioritizing or wearing as a badge.

And we are once again abandoning Presence / Self, and it becomes soon enough again - “our story”.

Awakening is often fraught with the same sirens - it generally does not come with a haunting bleakness - but it is often extremely disorienting.

In much the same way, whole portions of personhood (often felt as all of personhood) have dropped away - so much so that you also do not answer the phone - but not because you are ten feet under - you simply have nothing what-so-ever to say. And the sirens luring you to their island, are your friends and family that know you are fine but - NOT FINE - and you have no explanation even if you wanted to explain - and at the same time you are uncommonly overwhelmed with immense Gratitude towards nothing and everything.


Do you think it is possible to enter this state (Dark Night of the Soul) by chance without pursuing enlightenment?

Can it happen to an average Joe whose only outside symptom would be an onset of depression?


The Dark Night of the Soul is not, as I define it, a “state” one enters as much as it is a train wreck, or falling out of a plane without a parachute. It is not depression with thoughts of suicide, though that and those may come. The definition, as I define it, is:

An abrupt confrontation of your person-hoods willfulness - abrupt and catastrophic - laid to rest - with no recourse.

Ones whole array of Me-ness in ashes - no air in the bag - no Here here and no There there.

You are basically laid out flat and somewhat beyond reason, you find that you are still breathing - and that is about all you have going.

People come and go from Self frequently - and they sometimes Awaken for no apparent reason whether having symptoms of depression or joy.

However - it (Awakening) does happen much more frequently in moments when a person suspends judgement and in some sense disengages from their positions.

(If your question was with regard to entering what is referred to as Dark Night of the Soul without pursuing Enlightenment - and whose only outside symptom was the onset of depression - Dark Night of the Soul has no general correlation with seeking Enlightenment, and outwardly a person could appear nearly fine to most people’s perceptive abilities

The entire discussion of Dark Night of the Soul can be turned into a discussion of various levels of depression. What was put forth above is something different and more defined as a confrontation of ones willfulness and in that, an abrupt debasing of ones personal story(s).

In “classic depression” personal stories grow, positions lock and the voices are often given free rein or sometimes only a few very repetitious negative loops. (It can be hopeless and it can be hard to want to wake up or answer the phone as well.)

It is nearly the opposite with Dark Night of the Soul - though some that are interested in this theme of DNOTS, have included nearly everything, in a sort of group “problem solving” heart themed inquiry “teaching”, and it sells very well.

I Dark Night of the Soul, personal stories turn to ashes, positions have no grasp and locking up on anything is functionally impossible - even the mind loops stop - though for a time the mind may loop on the completeness of the situation - such as the man might say “what the ? Whaaaaaaaat the ?????? Whaaaaat the f..............?” As he begins his free fall from the plane.


Thanks for this topic - I'm interested in the relationship between depression and dark-night awakening. Perhaps the only thing depression has in common with the dark night of the soul is that it feels bad?

I get that depression is often position-heavy and awakening about the letting go of positions. Still, I can't help but wondering if there could be an unexpected spiritual upside to depression: can the no-way-out hopelessness of depression be used (for lack of a better word) as a kind of crowbar to put oneself in a place where awakening is more likely?


Awakening is generally not about the “letting go” of positions but rather the "falling away" of position (also called grasping).

In a sense, we are all experiencing depression as we feel distance to some un-pin-able inner unity essence.

Self / Divine Essence / Grace / Love / God - we are these - they are the same. We glue into frequencies that come and go (karma) and comprise them to be our “I”s which we take to be who and what we are - but this “we” that comprises our personhood and our proud stories and our ordeals and bruises and open wounds fall short in the appraisal of who we are and what “it’s” all about.

A great portion of what “it’s” all about is Spontaneous Creativity and so “it” is not all dreary and may be nearly void of dreariness.

The component of depression is the suffering that ceases with Awakening. It is investment in pasts and futures - beliefs - concepts.

All belief is vested in pasts and futures. And the willfulness of our investment in them is constantly grated over the Present in their inertia's with which we willfully and in automation and habituation walk over the jewel of Self.

Depression - doubt - re-dress - these are symptoms of the “pasts / futures” dilemma - and yes they can be helpful in this lost-and-found that we are in the process of discovering.

Great joy makes the lows feel like a mockery. Yet many of our highs are as automated as any experience. It is a peculiarity of our species and this play, to value automated suffering over automated “fun”.

The Dark Night of the Soul, as it has been referred to and defined in these writings could easily be named The Harsh Brilliant Light from which all of the “you”s that comprise your personhood cannot hide, run from, or tape over.

Other definitions of Dark Night of the Soul may easily turn into a hug fest - victimhood and self improvement.

IN The Dark Night of the Soul, one does not want comfort - one wants nothing. It is a settled space. Sudden silence in a patina of drought and incredible weight. One is abruptly faced with nothingness.

It can be like finding oneself falling into a bottomless pit - for a time one is IN the “pit” aspect. After a time it may occur to one that “bottomless” means essentially that one is floating and is not about to be a splat.

At some point one may reconsider the entire assumption of “pit” in relation to having no position, no grasping.

Instead of picking up the “pieces”

of residual selfhood/personhood/position/automation - one may abide in Self and come to Be.


I see it as going to the end-of-mind, or exhausting mind, and being on the verge of sacrificing self but something keeps you here, selflessness!


This view is more along the line of heavy depression - but the use of the word Mind leaves a very wide berth for interpretation.

The key aspect put forth above is in relation to Willfulness specifically - you can’t run (not a mind function) and you have no yankable option of energetically grabbing and twisting your way out (not a mind aspect) and crying and feeling sorry for yourself is also not an option (not a mind aspect) and the mental options were the first to be written off the list - and often having nothing to do with mental exhaustion.


A group of police surrounding you with guns drawn leaves no mental or physical or emotional way out - zip. All impetus to momentum is dead before starting.


So if i understand correctly, the dark night of the soul is a transitionary period or side-effect on the way to awakening?

Is it mandatory or an indication of something going wrong?


It is what it is - it is not necessary and not specifically a side effect of “seeking”.

Some may experience it, some may not.

It could be the side effect of having stage 4 cancer and being told you have a month or perhaps less to live.


I think all emotions are heightened, and cycle/change very faster, when the egos very existence is put on the line it's like a child protesting.


In the Dark Night of the Soul as defined here it is quite the opposite of the above quote - their is no protesting - no cycling - the “speed” is that of dead stop. The ego, according to the basically understood definition of it, is withdrawn from - it is not held at bay - it is not being contemplated - it is nothing.

Personhood is withdrawn from - it is like suicide was committed but with no planning and no intention of committing the act - and their is no remorse or rehashing or investigation - it is with a great heaviness that one takes each breath and moves about.

Everything feels somewhat newish - even going to the bathroom or placing your hand on a cup of coffee.

The mind by any definition is nearly at an utter and complete stop.

In some ways - all breath is sipped in by the heart as one proceeds very much alone in a deafening silence.

For some - high anxiety and prolonged hardship are saddled up with the notion of Dark Night of the Soul.

It may also be a deep suicidal voice and a sense of general dissatisfaction with life that drags anchor and weighs upon one that is associated with Dark Night of the Soul.

In the definition of Dark Night of the Soul put forth here, it is much more tangible and typically abrupt and blunt. It is simply too easy to extend the definition to include nearly every quiver in the heart.

When a person finds out they have cancer it can be a whole range of anxieties - but when you reach stage 4 and it’s everywhere - in many cases - your life stops - personhood is put on hold - each day is in the moment.

When a sizable portion of lifes work comes to an end in bankruptcy and ruin - it can be a stop point in interaction with life and family and everything familiar.

Catastrophic consequences can leave one with a spouse or child or entire family dead - there is no retrieval in such a case - it is not possible to put oneself in such a person's shoes.

The sudden and unexpected loss of a long time job - an unexpected announcement of a spouse leaving / divorcing - loss of a home and no money or youth to work with left.

There are quite a number of events that can separate one from one's personhood - disconnect the drive train - remove one from all familiar inertia’s - from inertia.

Full stop mode - but not resembling a conscious choice - an abrupt shift to Present with a sort of black patina and dead weight attached.

The most key feature - all willfulness comes to a stop.

This is about Willfulness

Awakening is Willfulness dropped - all grasping is Willfulness.

All personhood is Willfulness etched in habituation and fortifications of position and belief held in pasts and futures.

Many who experience Awakening come to a stop-moment, in which they drop Willfulness within, to a critical mass and - in an instant - are Awakened.

For many that have Awakened - it has come about in Dark Night of the Soul.

For many that have Awakened - they find themselves in a state resembling Dark Night of the Soul:

It does not have the black patina and the weight is like helium - but past and futures and habituations are gone (at least for a time).

Personhood is missing.


I am new to this conversation. Yet my heart and mind grasps the thoughts behind the words like someone dying of thirst. No therapy, or book seems to express the feeling of the experience I've been in the last few years as well as contained in this thread. I've often wondered if it wasn't a dark night of the soul but true depression. I see now it's, for me, depression. Yet conventional wisdom aka traditional therapy held no relief or understanding. I've shunned drugs completely. I am...I do want to figure a way thru all of this. I don't know or can recall ever really enjoying this life. Sure there have been moments of distraction where i was young and caught up in life as young people tend to be. Love, sex, the 80s, etc. Now at 55, life holds no...umm...I don't know the right word. I guess there is no sense of going forward with any kind of passion or interest. I long to be absorbed in SOMETHING. To wake up with something to look forward to. I appreciate any insight into any of this.


Whatever your practice - practice can and will help you to arrive at a peace that simply one day takes place in this regard.

i do not know what the mechanisms are precisely - I constantly thought of suicide for many decades - even after my son and wife and all.

What you explain was always with me - though those that knew me often thought that was the last thing on my mind.

Not long before I Awoke - it simply fell away -

I was meditating a considerable amount - but I had meditated even more in earlier times, decades before.

I had just started Qi Gong - (it is incredible at breaking up held patterns both physical as well as all throughout the subtle bodies).

(It is incredible in post Awakening for breaking up residual patterns)

As much as the allure of suicide was tempting, I was quite clear in the futility of that as some way out - it is more like stepping from one jail into a far more confined space.

One commenter mentioned comedy - laughing - and for me - taking a drive, comedy, movies, a message - it is important to be with some form of relief and play. Even if the “play” is something pretty mundane by most standards.

Fasting was a great help many times in my life and perhaps this would be of help to you as well. It is like a big recalibration to ones natural essence and departure from current trends and crossroads.

The isolation one feels, is in otherness - but even Unity Consciousness does not necessarily remove this malady.

One can BE in everything and the sense of aloneness may still abide - possibly even more as time goes on because regardless of what you know/see/feel you are even less able to share it with the general associations in your life (particularly if you have aversion to overt religious behavior and rainbows and unicorns).

A great deal is in willfulness:

In this itching willfulness - the urge to Do - it is isolating. It would appear not to be isolating - but it solidifies Me-ness in its triggering ever so subtly.

Look at your story and let it go.

(it is in the story that the lie has taken form - the lie that Self cannot simply Be but must somehow be a reward. The notion that cowardice is your problem - or lack of fortitude.)

Pasts and Futures are the gut of the illusion, and only trance takes you past the driving pain of loss of Self - it is a false refuge.

Ultimately, whenever the frequencies of trance subside, we long for something better or more meaningful.

Sleep - waking sleep is everyday life among the sleeping masses.

The addiction to our favorite trances is the illusion - the noise we follow everywhere.

Laughter and sudden beauty are among the best ways to see Present in Presence. NOW has no longing.

Copyright David Doyle 1/2020

Updated: Jan 28

Shifu David Doyle:

I originally meditated in full lotus - not as a weekend warrior but in practice that included asanas 3-8+ hours a day.

I have also meditated in half lotus - particularly when injured and a knee was delicate, as well as meditating standing up and seated in a chair. My meditation has generally been from 3-18 hours in a single sitting, though sitting for less than an hour was certainly something I did at times initially.

My original base practice is traditional Yoga - wherein most of the practice is meditation and asanas are adjuncts to the meditation. Qi Gong and standing meditation necessitates the opening of the leg channels far more than anything I have experienced in any other form - (though it may be that this is true for me, because I came to Qi Gong about 40 years after initial practice - but I do not think this is the case).

It has been my experience that any of the various typical meditation postures are equally effective more or less. Certainly, as one has come to Be IN meditation, then the differences are removed even further.

Distractions due to discomfort are important considerations to consider as well - and a cold blue leg is not a good thing.

Simple sitting meditation in a chair or standing offers up considerable advantages - the leg channels are not touching other channels or crossed. The feet are on the earth.

The back can easily be properly positioned in uncrossed positions such as these, and the subtle bodies do not spin or spin far less when legs and arms are not crossed.

The hands can still be positioned to radiate upward or on whatever mudra that might be wished. And the breath is not confined, particularly as might be the case for a “laughing Buddha”, with a big gut who might experience confinement in a lotus position - though this can be mitigated with a pillow, as raising the seat allows the legs to project downward.

What is entirely more important is the general posture and where the awareness is held and if one is in trance or out of trance. At the end of 18 hours in a single sitting - one can be WIDE awake and very energized and embodied with the legs and bodies in light and possibly fall into no-breath - or - one can have a very different set of experiences.

Lotus - Half Lotus - Sitting upright in a chair - Standing - These have no big bearing, though Standing Meditation can easily be argued as the most powerful on several levels, and sitting in a chair as well.

A meditator distracted by discomfort and health and health concerns such as blue legs is much better off not distracted.

Also - subjugation of the body is a disservice to practice. It is fine to work with and on the body - but the whole no pain no gain thing is fiction. (That is not to imply it is a cake walk - it is to imply that beating a horse may make it obey - but in de-spiriting a horse you have tossed aside a great deal and confirmed willfulness and controlling in your nature).

In so far as regarding meditation and its highest forms - lotus is unnecessary and completely non-essential

It is fine to be a fan of it (as I was for years), and I still enjoy it from time to time, and often sit in lotus at the movies.

But - it should not be considered an important wall to climb in order to reach the most brilliant light.

It is useful for many lesser achievements and I am not talking against it - but in a scale of importance for meditation at its highest levels, it is not on the scale at all. It is not important, required or integral - it simply offers some excellent benefits but is of zero necessity.

Some very good teachers may have incorrectly stated otherwise and or their followers and translators, but It is unequivocally not in any way necessary nor even necessarily highly advantageous to the highest states.

It is interesting to note:

When doing Full Lotus or Standing Meditation, the legs can have difficulties - but interestingly at a certain point the legs do not go to sleep, turn blue or become inoperative - to the contrary - they are quite alive and pink and ready to resume activity with only a mild bit of flexing or none at all.

Though i I cannot speak for lengthy standing meditation - but at the end of 10-15+ hours seated (full lotus, half lotus or in a chair) the legs are generally very full of energy and not paralyzed and unable to walk.

This is radically dependent on where one’s awareness is seated, ones posture, and whether one is in trance or not.

Several hours of standing has not been a problem and in general it gets better and better and easier as the energy moves well.

It is Highly recommend that you message the feet well and the toes, and the end of the toes, prior to Qi Gong and Standing Meditation.

Also - If during Standing Meditation or Qi Gong practice foot pain becomes high - take a quick break and message the feet, toes and heels - then continue.

Often chair seated meditators fall into a slouch and are simply relaxed and not in proper meditation posture.

Seated chair meditation is best on the forward edge of the chair and or if one starts a bit back as the meditation progresses one will naturally tend to move forward on the chair as posture becomes invigorated and energies are moving well.

In long chair seated meditations of 10 + hours the chairs back is generally not needed or touched.

One is very upright.

Many seasoned meditators that do not typically sit in chairs while meditation, will actually slouch somewhat when asked to close their eyes and meditate at a lecture/satsang. Few sit up into good posture.


How does one develop: 1) Loving-Kindness / Benevolence (Metta) 2) Compassion (Karuna) 3) Empathetic Joy (Mudita)

4) Equanimity (Upekkha) towards your most hated enemies?


In many way you do not develop these states - you arrive back at them.

YOU are these states - the “development” of them is the dissolution of rigidized patterns - constrictions - compression - fear - positions - willfulness.

In practicing meditation and living a life of inner development in daily life, you often find and bump up hard against the constant awareness that you are repeating the same behavior patterns over and over and over.

This is in fact, much of the practice - to see this - that you are a bundle of positions and reactive springs. And that your willfulness has you constantly trying to force square pegs into round holes . Whether it is trying to hold-on to the past or manipulate expectation to “reality”.

Take with you to your meditation those most pressing contractions - simply recognize them and then do not ponder on them - the practices will dissolve what you have brought to them in the moment, and over time, Self replaces the habituation of personal identification and robotic recoil and judgement.

Intentional suffering is Practice - it is a diffused cultivation of Natural Divine Essence moving into and around the knots of held frequencies - an ebbing away at the pilings that you have moored yourselves at, and attached beliefs in, and loyalties.

Un-mooring takes courage and one has to have moved beyond the "Bliss of ignorance" (the assumption that you are in control) - this may have required repeated blows.

It may take many movements beyond the "Bliss of ignorance" to truely BE even somewhat beyond its blissful grasp. Generally, one begins to perceive that one knows little or nothing - as it progresses it becomes clearer and then clearer that you know nothing.


At this point you may have reached beyond many of the limiting factors experienced in the beginning levels of meditation. Many of the engineering techniques involved in the various schools are little more than ways and means to get the student "off the addiction" to the frequencies they are accustom to, and en-tranced In and asleep In. The karma, which is the sum total of the frequencies they hold themselves in.

The various techniques give the student something to "do", and yet it is also in a sense ebbing away at the fixed frequencies / held patterns - and ones mind is occupied in a way that is generally out of the noise it is normally absorbed in.

Once the meditator gets past this - generally several years - BE-ing in meditation becomes more and more of the practice and "doing" ceases at some point altogether.

It takes more or less time for different people to fully be convinced, by experience, of meditation, that something is indeed happening.

Some have become convinced enough to have the faith to give it full due diligence simply by the basic processes - others, even if fairly convinced, need more ornate practices even if it means a more shallow or dangerous route - they must have a recipe and results fairly quickly and without as much dedication. This push for expediency is more prevalent today in the world of YouTube and Google Search.

Those going the "faster route" of engineering (a practice of Doig and controlling) often become sidelined for the rest of their lives - some because they are infatuated with their new abilities (siddhis) and many because they toast themselve (over heat) on some level, and back off entirely. Some become big fans of engineering and continue the effort as teachers.

None of this is wrong or right - but as one arrives at real meditation in the latter stages, two things are common:

Some go deep and in no effort

Some go trance and not much occurs

The engineering group is accustom to action, so trancing out is a way of rising out of "doing" into non-doing - but unfortunately it is little more effective than going to sleep at night.

Years can go by in trance practice, and the meditator thinks they are in a relatively deep meditation practice, whereas they are really not In meditation - they are sitting in trance (which most people do on a long bus ride).

Sitting in trance is perhaps better than a sharp stick in the eye - way better in fact - but nothing by comparison to deep meditation, out of trance, In embodiment.

In the latter stages of meditation the main energy channels have begun to open up to the point of a generalized sense of their existence and it is easier and easier to simply be in the increasingly stronger fields and in the enhancement of overall awareness both in meditation and in living in general.

It is in this stage that living in the Way becomes increasingly easier, and shedding of held frequency takes place more and more often. A general lightness then permeates ones life. Less and less doing - more happening - manifestation simply falls into place more and more.

People tend to go in and out of the practice often wondering why they ever quit when they return to it - but the depth quickly comes back and often with more grace. The gentle ebbing of held frequencies becomes a habit - but it is hard sometimes not to grab hold full tilt, lost in the trance of ones proclivities, and then crash from it somehow - often years later.

In far more advanced general states - actually fairly rare - so called subtle energies are no longer subtle. They become the more considerable "body" and the so called "physical body" becomes by far the lesser body. One is IN a state of meditation at this point nearly all the time if not all the time.

Copyright David Doyle 4/2023

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